The installation, “Flock”, was a collaboration between University of Tennessee Knoxville Graduate Students, Keely Snook and Katherine Farley, for the 2014 CAA Conference in Chicago, IL.  The piece had two components, an animation projected onto fabric and a suspended paper installation.

The projection was a flock of abstract shapes, which imitate the behavior of birds. A microphone positioned inside the gallery controlled the size of the flock. As the sound in the gallery intensified the number of shapes multiplied. Likewise, as the volume dropped, the number shrunk.

The animation was projected onto a wall of white cotton fabric, hung in front of the window. The fabric had a black relief print on the front, passively disrupting the moving image. The flocking shapes symbolize the interaction happening within the space and the temporary community that forms. The stagnant print represents the expected interaction as a whole, a standardized pattern of grouping and dispersal.